In addition to offering custom music services, our catalogue is currently available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. We are able to edit and expand on any of these titles to perfectly tailor it to your needs.
Dark energetic fast paced leader. Great for modern detective and crime shows. Bpm: 122, Key: Fm
Game intro splash screen tune. Bpm: 119, Key: B
Quirky electronic and fast paced game music. Great for cartoony (Mario like) race games with a slightly evil, spooky and dangerous edge. Bpm: 150, Key: Gm
Get set, go! Fun and suspenseful short piece perfect for change of section in a kid's educational show or race games. Bpm: 113
Fast paced haunting house theme for quirky racing games or animated shows. Playful and ghostly at the same time Bpm: 135, Key: Gm (loop)
Fun and energetic short piece last lap announcement. Also useful for transitions in kid's educational shows. Bpm: 124, Key: Eb
Example of a funky, quirky, downtempo videogame main theme. Bpm: 100, Key: E (loop)
Fast-paced “you win” racing game finish line music. Super Mario style like. Bpm: 122, Key: Eb (Loop)
Quirky main menu game music or kids show track. Bpm 100, Key: E (loop)
Quirky and fun short tune perfect for kid's animation, a cartoony racing game finish line, or an end scoring/cooldown tune. Bpm: 210, Key: Eb