In addition to offering custom music services, our catalogue is currently available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. We are able to edit and expand on any of these titles to perfectly tailor it to your needs.
Sunny modern slow house electronic track with a dreamy in- and outro with cello. Romantic tropical sunset on the beach! Bpm: 98, Key: Fm
Exploring and finding something real. Medium tempo acoustic music with some Arabic influences. Solo violin, cello, acoustic guitar, percussion and duduk. Bpm: 91, Key: C#m
What is the weather today? Natural and medium/slow tempo hybrid track. Peaceful, positive, uplifting underscore. Electric guitar, acoustic drums with underlying synths. Bpm: 100, Key: E
Dreamy trap beat background music. Electronic music with electric guitar. Dreams from the past, longing for and never forgetting. Bpm: 80, Key: Fm
Example of a funky, quirky, downtempo videogame main theme. Bpm: 100, Key: E (loop)
Life on a prairie, natural and gentle. Feeling of freedom. American style picking guitar with a peaceful underlying background. Bpm: 91, Key: E
Old school funky short tune. Funny and groovy. Ideal for a kid's educational shows with transitional section. Bpm: 97, Key: Cm
Quirky main menu game music or kids show track. Bpm 100, Key: E (loop)
Modern electronic trap beat tune with an Asian urban flavor. Bpm: 67.5, Key: C#
Emotional medium/slow tempo acoustic short tune. With cello, piano and acoustic guitar. Nostalgic but hopeful at the same time. Bpm: 88, Key: A