In addition to offering custom music services, our catalogue is currently available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. We are able to edit and expand on any of these titles to perfectly tailor it to your needs.
Strong and powerful talk show tv leader with horns section. Bpm: 118, Key: G
Game intro splash screen tune. Bpm: 119, Key: B
Exploring and finding something real. Medium tempo acoustic music with some Arabic influences. Solo violin, cello, acoustic guitar, percussion and duduk. Bpm: 91, Key: C#m
What is the weather today? Natural and medium/slow tempo hybrid track. Peaceful, positive, uplifting underscore. Electric guitar, acoustic drums with underlying synths. Bpm: 100, Key: E
Summer vibe Latin house song. Flamenco guitar, electronic house with Spanish vocals. Nightlife in Spain. Bpm: 123, Key: Bm