In addition to offering custom music services, our catalogue is currently available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. We are able to edit and expand on any of these titles to perfectly tailor it to your needs.
Strong and powerful talk show tv leader with horns section. Bpm: 118, Key: G
Sunny modern slow house electronic track with a dreamy in- and outro with cello. Romantic tropical sunset on the beach! Bpm: 98, Key: Fm
Dark energetic fast paced leader. Great for modern detective and crime shows. Bpm: 122, Key: Fm
Game intro splash screen tune. Bpm: 119, Key: B
Exploring and finding something real. Medium tempo acoustic music with some Arabic influences. Solo violin, cello, acoustic guitar, percussion and duduk. Bpm: 91, Key: C#m
Quirky electronic and fast paced game music. Great for cartoony (Mario like) race games with a slightly evil, spooky and dangerous edge. Bpm: 150, Key: Gm
What is the weather today? Natural and medium/slow tempo hybrid track. Peaceful, positive, uplifting underscore. Electric guitar, acoustic drums with underlying synths. Bpm: 100, Key: E
Get set, go! Fun and suspenseful short piece perfect for change of section in a kid's educational show or race games. Bpm: 113
Summer vibe Latin house song. Flamenco guitar, electronic house with Spanish vocals. Nightlife in Spain. Bpm: 123, Key: Bm
Acoustic band, light and up-tempo. Positive and happy tune with a hint of Celtic influence. Bpm: 134, Key: D
Fast paced haunting house theme for quirky racing games or animated shows. Playful and ghostly at the same time Bpm: 135, Key: Gm (loop)
Ladies and gentlemen, spotlight on, it’s showtime! Energetic, big, bright, informative, tv show leader. Bpm: 113, Key: B
Short Flamenco guitar track. Playful, family orientated, acoustic guitar driven. Bpm: 115, Key: D
Fun and energetic short piece last lap announcement. Also useful for transitions in kid's educational shows. Bpm: 124, Key: Eb
Dreamy trap beat background music. Electronic music with electric guitar. Dreams from the past, longing for and never forgetting. Bpm: 80, Key: Fm
Example of a funky, quirky, downtempo videogame main theme. Bpm: 100, Key: E (loop)
Life on a prairie, natural and gentle. Feeling of freedom. American style picking guitar with a peaceful underlying background. Bpm: 91, Key: E
Slow peaceful medieval village building game music with acoustic instruments. Dreamy, atmospheric background music. Bpm: Free time, Key: Am
Playful track made with kitchen utensils as percussion, with a light and optimistic feel, perfect for culinary or cooking shows. Bpm: 120, Key: C
Old school funky short tune. Funny and groovy. Ideal for a kid's educational shows with transitional section. Bpm: 97, Key: Cm